Direct Cremation in Cumbria

What is direct cremation?

If you are considering direct cremation Direct cremation in Cumbria you will experience a simple, low-cost funeral option. Direct cremation is becoming increasingly popular in Frizington, across Cumbria and the UK in general. It involves the cremation of a deceased person without any ceremony or service. The ashes are then returned to the family or loved ones for them to dispose of in a way that is meaningful to them.

A caring approach to direct cremation in Cumbria from Irving's Funeral Directors

You will find that here at local independent funeral director Irving's Funerals based in Frizington, Cumbria, we have the experience to provide a caring approach, as opposed to the less personal national corporate providers. Irving's will collect the body of the deceased, arrange for cremation, and return the ashes to the family or loved ones.

A simple option

There are several reasons why people choose direct cremation. Some people find that it is a more affordable option than a traditional funeral. Others prefer the simplicity and privacy of direct cremation. And still others choose it because it allows them to create their own unique funeral service.

If you're considering direct cremation in Cumbria Irving's Funeral Directors are able to offer a dignified and affordable package.

Direct Cremation/Unattended Funeral

This is a funeral where family and friends may choose to have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person, but they do not attend the burial or cremation itself.

Burial (funeral director’s charges only) £950

Cremation Includes funeral director's fee and Distington Hall crematorium fee - *£1,600

Third party fees An additional £82.00 may be charged for the Doctor to complete cremation certificate.

*In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will usually need to pay doctors’ fees as well. This is the charge for a doctor to sign the Medical Certificates for Cremation

Memorial Options

You will also need to decide what to do with the ashes. Some people choose to scatter the ashes, while others keep them in an urn or other container. There are also a number of memorial options available, such as planting a tree or creating a piece of jewelry with the ashes.

Direct cremation is a dignified and respectful way to say goodbye to a loved one. It is a simple, affordable, and private option that allows you to create your own unique funeral service.

Here are some of the benefits of direct cremation from Irving's Funerals:

  • An affordable option
  • Simple and private
  • The option to create your own unique funeral service
  • We provide a dignified and respectful way to say goodbye to a loved one
direct cremation cumbria from Irving's Funerals

If you are considering arranging a direct cremation in Cumbria, please contact Irving's Funerals without obligation for advice and information.